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with a breezy cool start that early morning swim. water temperature has been averaging the mid60s so we will say 65. that will be it here from the meadowbrook aquatic center. we are proud to be a part of this effort. the third year of effort for this event that will help raise funds to research the latest cutting edge technology to treat cancer. >> all right. >> i know you did a great job and you will make us all proud. >> we do our best. it's a long way. >> thank you. >> ten years, one thousand students and 4 million-dollar renovations, today a hip baltimore cut the ribbon following cameras in for the first time for a tour of the work that's done donations, a one million dollar prosecute -- two schools that both serve students under served neighborhoods. this round of renovations at the roland patterson brings their elementary and middle schools under the same roof and does major repairs. >>> now to a very hot topic for parents out there tonight. a new survey published this week say that anywhere between 15 to 45% of moms believe letting their kids taste alcohol is okay. the researchers be
have a mostly clear sky overhead. temperatures into the 70s at the present hour. we are dealing with numbers that are well below average, 74 in town. 5 -- 75 in easton. certain cool air on ton of that and that will be the trend over the next several days. notice the dew points into the 40s. that's an indication of dry air massments clear skies, light northwesterly wind. so we have high deal conditions for the game tonight. you'll see temperatures rapidly falling into the 60s through the course of the evening. we have three systems in the atlantic. upper 40s for overnight lows. that's coming up. >> all right. there are two keys to the best ravens parking, close and cheap. paying for a spot for both could and up getting you towed if you're not careful. joce sterman last a warning that you need to see before you hand over cash neither stadium. >> reporter: just because someone has a sign selling cheap spots doesn't mean you're good to g some are scammers. with 70,000 fans trying to get into m&t bank stadium, parking is at a premium. in some lot owners sell the spots. in other cases
friends. salisbury, a little warmer. hey, mid-60s, 65 in columbia now. 68 in edgemere. 62347 davids -- 67 in davidsonville. across the entire east coast any rain is offshore. as we look at the hour by hour forecast, 60s and 50s overnight. as we push tard daybreak tomorrow that's when we look for a chilly start. 48 degrees by first thing early tomorrow morning. you want to check out our abc2 weather and news app. even when the weather's quiet. you might want to check ot our abc2 weather app. back to you. >> in the more than 200 year history only two deputies have died in the line of duty. that number has doubled within a week. comrades laid to rest sergeant adam lock ran. >> reporter: for the second time in a week a hearse pulls before mountain christian coach in joppa carrying a baltimore deputy. he stood among his comrades at another funeral but this one is his own. he felt discomfort at that funeral a week ago and thought it was heart burn. the same night a heart attack would take his life. >> there are critics who believe that to be a hero that there needs to be drama, died in a gunfir
're in the 60s. pretty comfortable 66 reading. if you're heading out to the game, 55 at first pitch. 9th inning, low 50s. keep it cool at 60 on the way t. 55 during the nighttime hour. tomorrow a crisp morning. we'll time out the wet weather. the forecast has a warming trend. that's coming up. >>> beautiful weather for the orioles. a double header with the blue jays. they're trying hard to make their case in the post season. jamie costello is the biggest chore leader. jamie, what are the fans saying. i've seen so much orange than i've seen in years. >> let's be frank about this. these are the playoffs this week and next. that's a winner takes all. they're leading 4-0 as we go into the top of the 7th inning. i want to show you this line has been nonstop sense 9:00 this morning. it has been a long time since we have seen a walkup like this. we set shop up on the deck in center field where adam jones sent his 32nd home run of the year followed by a solo shot and steve johnson, five shutout innings. let's hear from the fans tonight. >> going to win the division. no wild cards. >> this just happens
. the numbers were released by the u.s. department of labor. maryland saw an increase in the unemployment rate. nevada continues to have the highest and north dakota has the lowest. >>> temperature wise it's comfortable. nice start to the weekend. we have a clear sky, a little sunlight and temperatures in the mid-70s. bel air upper 70s. humidity has come up in the last few hours. that's having an impact. clear now but a new front is on the board and beginning to march in our direction. it's sparking showers across northern indiana, northern ohio. as we go into the latter evening, mid-60s by morning and clouds on the increase. we'll talk about how conditions will change saturday this time, saturday evening. >>> general motors is recalling more than 450,000 cars tonight. some of them are rolling away unexpectedly. they affect the malibu g6 and saturn ora. the problem is in the transmission cable. owners will get a warning letter in the mail. >>> there will be fewer jobs at american airlines. american filed for bankruptcy last year. now more than 2200 flight attendants have signed up for severanc
't think he's positive of what his motivation s i think you're dealing with a child who was motivated they commit suicide by cop. what he was dog was being -- doing was acting out in a terrible fashions in the hope that someone would pull the trigger on him. >> the attorney has requested that the judge transfer him tooff nile court. >>> two incidents involving a dunn in baltimore county schools. the new superintendent, dallas dance is starting a dialogue with parents. it will be open to you the public, so the remaining meetings will take place september 20th, 23rd and 1st of october. for more information, just check the local news tab and click on baltimore county. >> baltimore county schools did confirm that a rumor was going around at ken wood high school that someone was going to bring a gun to school. they believe it started threw text messages. the school policy is that schools get locked down. officials said the school was not locked downoday. >>> classes were back in session at morgan state. a 19-year-old, who was not a student, was shot in the stomach in the school's student c
are in their 20s and 40s and were taken to the hospital with knop-life- threatening injuries. the police say the shooting may have been drug related. they're still looking for a suspect. >>> new information tonight on a double murder in pikesville. the couple was found murdered in their home in the 600 block of the avenue. they wanted to speak with their grandson about that situation. we have learned long has been taken to a hospital in oklahoma. the police say they haven't been able to interview him yet, but they're now officially calling him a suspect in the murders. >>> anne arundel county has now confirmed a third, non-fatal case of west nile virus in that county. that is still two fewer than the county had all of last year. so far there have been 25 reported cases of the disease in maryland, and two of the victims have died. most people who get the virus so mild or no symptoms at all. >> it is a flu-like illness from headache, fever, muscle aches, and body -- other body aches as well as rash or swollen limp nodes. >>> harsher symptoms may involve severe headache, neck stiffness, muscle
expected fans. the weather is perfect. hopefully the o. s can send the fans home happy. will it stay that way. we will check in with mike to see if he can send us in to the weekend with a biging on smile. >> we are going to deal with a beautiful night for the gail. one storm that bubbled up over harford. another cluster hagerstown. i don't anticipate this moving in to the city limits. there is a line, a prefrontal line of storms moving through ohio. this stats to break up. this brings the chance of weather, isolated tornado by tomorrow. we will break out the details and give you a timeline coming up in labor day. >>> the roar of the crowds after jones's home run is ringing in ear's. fans are hunting for ticket. fans back down to camden yards. brian kuebler, one of the biggest baseball fans is live right now and has everyone smiling. >> reporter: everybody is smiling ear to ear. for a good chunk of downtown, as go the o's goes their businesses. this is about the economics of the heart as well. it's long been argued in this charming city of ours, is baltimore is football town, or a ba
's the shot in bel air. watch how some of the clouds come in, temperatures in the 70s. havre de grace looking great. temperature right around 70 degrees. you can see the clouds coming in. here's the shot downtown, inner harbor camera showing us a really good looking skyline and a mild afternoon. we made it to 74 degrees. 74 is the normal number. we're on par for our mrmal average. the record is 97 degrees. 73 in town. 75 in d.c. notice cool skies overhead. much of the evening clear skies. here come the clouds. the plan are reflects the clouds, 66 degrees. it's mild through the 11:00 hour. a few of the spotty showers as we go into the 7:00 hour. this ishe general setup. high pressure is still in control just off the massachusetts coastline. that's bringing in the southerly winds. here come the thin veil of clouds. that stays toward our south. we're going to see more wet weather move along the stationary front boundary. 8 degrees at this hour. chicago at 76. some milder air will come up the eastern seaboard. we'll see some cooler air start to tap in as we head toward the weekend. so a warm day
and mid-70s. shady side 74. chester town 76. clear here locally. generally clear across maryland and across the east coast. cool and crisp in the morning but for the rest of the evening we look at a nice scenario with the ♪ not coming -- sunset not coming until 20 minutes after 7:00. >>> family and friends of the man who brought the team here gathered to celebrate his life. >> art modell was very committed to charity work. at his funeral service, it was focused on the man he was. art modell the leader, the husband, the father. >> reporter: a final farewell to the man who brought football back to baltimore and a look back at the legacy of art modell is only missing a calling from canton and a place in the hall of fame eye think his con -- >> i think his contributions are extraordinairey. i don't like to take positions on that but there are very few who have contributed what he has. >> reporter: the nfl commissioner recalls the former ravens owner as a legend and visionary, moving his team to another conference to achieve a merger of the two leagues and promoting monday night foo
at the forecast. no complaints, wyatt. >> we're trying to keep the streak going. upper 70s, a few degrees warmer. the humidity is still comfortably low. are there any indications of a change? yes. frontal boundary diving through the northern plains approaching the midwest. that will arrive for our saturday, could bring showers. for the rest of the overnight period, we're looking good. 54 by daybreak tomorrow. we'll talk much more about this and look at this weekend's forecast. we'll have some changes it. 's coming up. >> the front door is finally open and the place is packed. there was a grand opening, but will voters this november put a dammer on the celebration. we have this report. >> traffic may be stalled but the slots kept spins as maryland live winners came to witness the completion of one of the biggest money makerrings in the state. >> love it. >> reporter: the arundel mills casino had its grand opening of phase two and will soon host seven restaurants, including the prime rib due to hope this fall and what these hope testimony hunters came for today-- slots, now over 4700 machines. >>
at us. eat late with a few showers -- 80s with a few showers south. we'll talk about that and your complete forecast coming up. >>> the sheriff in queen anne's county face as multimaryland lawsuit. a woman claims he knew the brother was harassing her and did nosmght queen anne's county cher sheriff gary hofmann and his brother john hofmann are being sued by kristy taylor. she said hofmann assaulted her in twine. corporal hofmann pleaded gill ti to second degree assaulted and murphy said one day later she was let g sheriff hofmann said he completely removed himself from the case because of a conflict of interest. a spokesman for the agency said it would be inreport to comment because they haven't seen the lawsuit. for more, head to >>> continuing coverage of that deadly ellicott city train derailment. two people were killed that nied. transportation officials are saying it caused $2.2 million. the ntsb release lad preliminary report today but there does not give us a cause. officials said a final determination could take from a year to 18 months. >>> well this was a he
up in little bit. >>> the crowd is building as we get set for the home series of the year. o. s are playing the red sox and angling for a spot in the playoffs since 1997. brian kuebler joins us live from orioles park. tons of anxious fans biting their nails over this. >> more and more people are doing the same. i wanted to show you the scene, exphundz soon to be thousands of people are waiting to get settled in to the stadium tonight. buckled up and head on the ride towards the playoffs. first time for young fans and the first time in a while for a lot of older fans, but it's also the first time for the new voice of camden yards, ryan wagner. >> to be able to tell people i'm the voice of orioles park , the place that i grew up spending summers watching baseball and call ripken and mike and jeffrey and all those guys that were my heroes, to now get to announce it at the park, to welcome a new generation of fans, to the greatest ballpark in the country is very special. this has everything to do with buck and guys on the field to. be in the chair and have a front row seat for the s
to need this. nighttime temperatures to the upper 60s to around 70. it starts wet but finishes dry. we'll have the seven-day coming up in a bit. >>> liz in howard county are trying to track down a brazen criminal. jeff hager reports the burglar shows up at homes while people are at work and uses brute force to get inside your home. >> the string of daylight burglaries in five different neighborhoods left many people in howard county feeling like no one is safe. >> why would they break the door and take things. >> reporter: one man has committed 10 burglaries. they believe he's knocking at random doors and making an excuse if someone answers. if they don't he kicks in the door and helps himself to jewelry, electronics and cash. on rosemary lane wednesday >> we had a case where he knocked on the door. there was a 13-year-old boy inside hop didn't answer. he kicked the door in. when he shaw that someone was -- saw that someone was home, he ran. we don't have a specific or detailed description but we want anybody who had something like this happen to call us. >> it has raised the stakes fo
are in the forecast. i still have the chance of a scattered shower. we'll be in the 60s to start your thursday morning and featuring the chance of a scattered shower or temperature in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. we'll be watching the radar. you noticed a few of the spotty showers. taneytown, westminster. and there's more scattered showers starting to fire up over west virginia. if you trace a line, looks like it will be into the city limits later tonight going into tomorrow morning. we'll have to keep an eye on the radar. at any point the storms could bubble up. a tornado chaser down in this cell over parts of east oklahoma. these bands of showers and embedded thunderstorms will be in our area. that will deliver the scattered showers. 86 in memphis. compare that to click at 63. that's where the front is currently located. future trend showing the spot showers through the course of tomorrow, tomorrow evening and on friday another band moves in our direction. be aware the next several days feature scattered showers. mostly cloudy, spotty showers. tomorrow shame deal. 80 degrees, spotty showers and stor
, breezy with temperatures in the 50s. it's all dry weather. this is what we will be for the rest of the weekend. 72. sun, breezy but cooler in the morning. it's going to be quite cooler. tomorrow night upper 40s on the board. how's that. sunshine dominates through friday. then this weekend we're going to begin fall, saturday morning officially. the fall equinox. there will be showers late saturday. that will clear out quickly and really, we're looking at pretty good weather for ravens game sunday night. >> he's done. >>> all right. listen, it debuted last night. if you didn't catch the first episode of the list, you can check it out. here is a sneak peek. >>> cup company on the list, marylanders are finding ways to go green and have clean energy and what is the best burger in baltimore? we have a couple tips coming up tonight at 7:00 on the list. >> how about that. >>> with a few days away from this year's emmy awards right here sunday nierkts it got the folks at "20/20" thinking about the best shows. >> tonight barbara walters will reveal the winners. here's look at one of barba
in the upper 70s. ocean city camera seems not to be there. 80 degrees. the current condition right now and humidity around 74% as we check out the weave. thehe last place to clear. humidity ridge over the midatlantic. muggy, fog a possibility by daybreak despite the rain clearing out. i think we are clear from the rain. tomorrow the chance for a stray shower. the better chance of rain late day saturday. frontal boundary to the west. squeeze play, saturday afternoon and night. plans for the game here. be advised there could be issues with rain delays and active weather patterns, leftover of isaac still redeveloping possibly and nadine double hurricanes in the atlantic. power house -- with the well defined eye. this is hurricane michael and of course hurricane leslie still out there churning to. not posing a big threat as now. i think we are up to 90, just a stray shower in the mix. weekend relatively dry friday, dry saturday saturday but saturday afternoon. sunday afternoon good, into monday, ravens game day, it'll feel like fall and like football for the men in black and purple. >> th
north and west as well. the overall pattern is one of 80s out there. 84 in marriottsville. and edgewood at 81679 the heat is not all that pow presssive but the -- oppressive, but the humidity is unbelievable. the last remnants of isaac's moisture. this evening just a few showers. >>> it's hard to imagine a day like today. we're looking at the winter time. here you go, wyatt. according to the country's second oldest almanac, this winter will be packed with strong snow steriles. the 2013 hagerstown almanac was rope leased it. includes predictions for two nor'easters in december alone. the overall forecast is for 15 total days of heavy snow from november through march. you believe it? >>> some of you may want to be the first to hear when a storm is on its way. just head to our website, and download our storm shield app. remember, to download our weather apps, just text wmar to 46988. >>> a image -- grand jury indicted 15-year-old robert gladden, jr. he faces nine counts of first degree aspaw. gladden is accused of bringing a gun to school and shooting his 17-year-old cl
, but the feds say one option you're seeing isn't the solution you think it s joce sterman explains why in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: you've heard the crams -- claims affordable plans with no -- sounds like they're selling health insurance but the federal trade commission said that's not the case. it's for medical discount plans. >> medical discount plans aren't health insurance and they aren't a substitute for health insurance. some instances, though are scams. >> reporter: the ftc has launched a huge campaign as part of operation healthcare hustle. >> to stop scammers who are fleecing consumers. >> reporter: you're not paying for actual healthcare. instead, the ftc said they will pay a if he to find providers who may offer discounts of things like doctor's visits. once you pay the feds say many don't live up to their promises. research the company with the better business bureau and the attorney general. ask for a list of their providers and see what discounts they offer. if the company won't give you written information, that's a sign. high pressure sales tactics should mak
look at the setup low 80s the story but feeling warmer. the dew point numbers are excessive. 75 but the highest you'll see anywhere is pushing 80. so this is the top end. it is muggy to say the least, just showing you on the map, almost no breeze to stir the air. more showers continuing to spend, courtesy of what is left, the remnants of isaac. there's an area of low pressure and still, that tropical moisture dips all the way into north florida. rain coming down as far west as southern illinois and all that steady tracking east over the next two days will mean more downpours at times, more soak rains and as we look at the overall trend it goes into wednesday at 8:00. still, quite a bit of rain. that will be the case until we get into thursday and friday. isaac came out of the south atlantic. now we're watching leslie, exing is thed to -- expected to strengthen into a category three. tonight 72, a few storms possible with showers on and off, showers and storms tomorrow, more of the same tomorrow night, repeat carbon copy. that will be the story through thursday. by late thursday
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